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2016 - 2017 Trapping Season

November 5 - February 28:
Bobcat** - Limit of Three
Otter** - Limit of One
Coyote - No Limit
Grey Fox - No Limit
Mink - No Limit
Muskrat - No Limit
Opossum - No Limit
Raccoon - No Limit
Red Fox - No Limit
Skunk - No Limit
Weasel - No Limit

** - Must be checked in.

November 5 - January 31:
Fisher* - Limit of One
* -Must be checked in

November 5 - March 31:
Beaver* - No Limit
* - Must be checked in

It is illegal in West Virginia:

1. To set deadfalls for taking wildlife.
2. To set traps with an open jaw spread of more than 6-1/2 inches EXCEPT in underwater beaver sets.
3. To set traps in human foot or livestock paths.
4. To set spring pole snares.
5. To use exposed animal or bird carcasses as bait.

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Dates to Remember

September 15-16, 2017:
49th Annual Convention, Glenville, WV