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WVTA Annual Convention
September 19-20, 2014
Gilmer County Recreation Center
Glenville, WV

Thursday, September 18th
4:00pm - Early vendor setup

Friday, September 19th
7:00-9:00am - Early vendor setup
9:30am - Vendor Buildings Open to the Public
10:00am - Red Fox & Use of Soft Catch Traps - John Coakley
11:00am - Mountain Trapping - John Thomas
12:00pm - Snaring Techniques - Ken Stewart
1:00pm - Fur Market Forecast - John Epler
2:00pm - Coon Trapping with DP Traps - Jason Webster
3:00pm - Fox & Coyote Trapping - John Houben
4:00pm - Ginseng Hunting - Sam Luther
5:30pm - Vendor Buildings Close
7:00pm - WVTA Board of Directors Meeting (members welcome)

Saturday, September 20th - Tentative Schedule
8:00am - Dealer Buildings Open
8:30am - Trapper Education Class Registration
9:00am - Trapper Education Class
9:00am - Powerpoint Presentation - Rich Rogers
10:00am - Otter & Beaver Trapping - Hal SUllivan
11:00am - Canine Trapping - Scott Dean
11:00am - Ladies Rolling Pin Throw
11:30am - Ladies Skillet Toss
12:00pm - Canine & Bobcat Trapping - Robby Gilbert
12:45pm - Trapper Education Class Graduation Ceremony
1:00pm - General Membership Meeting
1:00pm - Raccoon Trapping - Jeff Dunlap
1:30pm - Awards Ceremony
2:00pm - Gray Fox Trapping - Scott Painter
2:00pm - Youth Trap Setting Contest
2:00pm - Fundraising Auction
3:00pm - Bobcat Trapping - Mike Hardbarger
4:00pm - Muskrat Trapping - Mike Gray
5:30pm - Vendor Buildings Close

Limited number of motel-type rooms available on site. Cost is $50 per night, sleeps 3. Includes bed linens, soap and shampoo. Call Gilmer County Recreation Center for reservations for these rooms - 304-462-7653.
Camper Hookups with Electricity - $18 per night.
Bunkhouse - Bring your own linens. $20 per night.
Primitive Camping - $10 per night.

Host Motel - Conrad Motel, 100 Conrad Court, Glenville, WV 26351. Call 304-462-7316 for reservations. Tell them you're with the trappers and get your room for $49.50 per night. Two double beds, tv, free wifi, linens, towels, etc.

Vendor Information - To reserve space inside the Demo Barn Vendor Building, or as a tailgater, please e-mail Janet Hodge at info@wvtrappers.com or Scott Schimmel at sschimmel@wvtrappers.com
Stop at the Gate!

All WVTA events are free of charge, but we ask you to please stop at the front gate during the convention.
You will receive a ticket for a free hourly drawing, a free convention trap tag (available only to the first 500), and a program schedule.

Appalachian Mountian Furs
Blackie's Blend
Blue Ridge Outdoors
Bobbi's Bees
Tom Butz
Dunlap Lures
Epler Fur
Friendly Bass & Buck
Furcatcher Lures (Larry Combs)
Game on TV
Don Gummo
Mark Hershberger
Houben's Animal Lures
Lost River Trapping Supplies
Luther Valley Lures
Gerry Moore
Murray's Lures
Muskrat Trapper (Steve Smith)
Ted Nay Wood Stretchers
Northern Sport
PDK Snares
Sleepy Creek Mfg.
Smokey's Deer Lures
Sullivan's Line
Trapper's Haven (John Coakley)
Webster's Wildlife Solutions
Wilson's Outdoor Supplies
Windy Ridge Trapping Supplies
Winter Weather Baits (Tom Cunnard)

Dates to Remember

January 9-11, 2015: WVTA Fur Auction, Glenville, WV

January 23-25, 2015: WV Hunt Show, Charleston Civic Center, Charleston, WV

March 6-8, 2015: WVTA Spring Rendezvous & Fur Auction, Glenville, WV