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On-Site Accommodations: Limited number of motel-type rooms.
Men’s Bunkhouse and Ladie’s Bunkhouse (bring your own linens).
Camper hook-ups with electricity. Primitive camping is also available with
public showers. To make on-site reservations, call the Recreation Center
at (304) 462-7653.
Host Motel: Glenville Inn, 61 Development Dr. Glenville, WV.
Reservations: 304-462-5511. Tell them you’re with the trappers
for reduced rate.

WVTA Fur Auction
March 4-6, 2016
Gilmer County Recreation Center
Glenville, WV

Finished Fur, Roots and Horns
These items are consigned Friday and Saturday, 9am to 6pm. Dealer's lots are graded at the end of each day.
Upon arrival at the fur auction, the first thing is to complete a consignment sheet. The consignment secretary will look up your name in the WVTA database to check your membership, record your name, mailing address and hunting license number. We'll also ask if you have raccoons, and if the majority have been trapped or hunted with dogs -- this information is requested by the DNR for their data purposes. You will also be asked if you have 20 items or less -- if so, your sheet will be placed in the Express Lane.

The fur is graded first come, first served, so you will wait until your name is called by the next available grader. You will take all your items to the grader's table, where each piece is graded and placed into the correct lot. Example: all your XXXL raccoons will be sold along with everyone else's XXXL raccoons.
If you are agreeable to the grade, your fur is entered into the sale. If you disagree with a grade, you can always request the opinion of a senior grader, or take that piece of fur back with you.

If you're selling roots, they will be weighed; and deer horns will also be sorted into lots regarding to size.

When all your items have been consigned, you will be asked to look over the consignment sheet to make sure all the information is correct, then you will sign the sheet. You are given a copy of the consignment sheet.

Green Fur
Green fur (raw skinned or on the carcass) are consigned ONLY on Sunday morning from 9-11am. As with finished fur, you will first complete a consignment sheet.
Green fur is not graded, and all your items are sold as one lot. Green fur remains on the porch outside the building.

An Order of Sale sheet is provided after 11am on Sunday, which details all the lots available for sale. Only WV licensed fur buyers can purchase raw or finished fur.
Prospective buyers are permitted to view the items for sale up until the auction. The auction is held at 1pm on Sunday, and anyone can attend.
Buyers will receive a number prior to the auction, and a licensed auctioneer will oversee the auction, with final sale going to the highest bidder of each lot.
Payment is expected immediately following the auction, and all sales are final.

Buyers are assigned a member of WVTA Fur Committee, who helps them count and bag their purchases.
Fur checks to the consignors are mailed within 10 days following the auction.

Fees & Information
All consignors must be a WVTA member to sell through our auction. Membership dues can be paid prior to consigning fur, or deducted from your fur check.
A 6% commission is withheld for fur items; 5% for roots.

Dates to Remember

 March 4-6, 2016: WVTA Fur Auction, Glenville, WV

June 4, 2016: WVTA Board of Directors Meeting

September 16-17, 2016: WVTA Annual Convention