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Welcome to the West Virginia Trappers Association website. We believe in the use, not abuse, of our natural furbearer resources.   As always, if you have a question about the WVTA, feel free to contact us.

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Get $20 for your Bobcat Carcass! - Again in 2016!

To better manage the bobcat population, DNR has started a bobcat carcass collection, in cooperation with West Virginia
University, to determine the reproductive success, population estimates, and overall health of West Virginia bobcats. Trapper can receive a $20 gift certificate for their bobcat carcasses used in the study. View or download information.

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Trappers Survey Implemented by DNR

WV trappers are urged to help with a voluntary survey which will help DNR to determine the number of furbearers taken in the state.  No personal information will be divulged.  Click Here to download your survey and instructions.

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Dates to Remember

 March 4-6, 2016: WVTA Fur Auction, Glenville, WV

June 4, 2016: WVTA Board of Directors Meeting

September 16-17, 2016: WVTA Annual Convention

An NTA Trapper Edition Harrington & Richardson .22 pistol will be auctioned in March. Read More
Otter Carcasses Needed!

Trappers are urged to freeze their otter carcasses and donate them to the WV-DNR as part of the ongoing otter study. The information from these carcasses will help determine future otter seasons. Carcasses can be dropped off at any DNR regional office, brought to the March Fur Auction, or dropped off at Barker's Fur Shed in Smithville, WV.